Use TRAQ Tree Assessment to Ensure the Health and Safety of your Trees

If you own a property with trees, you may need to regularly invest in TRAQ tree assessment to keep both people and your land safe. At Complete Arborcare, qualified arborists can evaluate your tree health and determine if extra measures are necessary, such as removing branches or trimming. With 35-plus years of experience and constantly-evolving techniques, we provide you with an unmatched sense of security.

Problems That Risk Assessment Using TRAQ Addresses

Don’t let your problems grow unchecked. Invest in preventative assessments to promote safety for everyone and everything on your property, including your trees.

  • Wind or storm damage: After a massive weather system passes, you often have to deal with fallen branches and leaves. Broken branches can become stuck, and you may need to remove them so that they don’t fall at an unexpected time. Experienced arborists can identify such damage and use professional equipment and methods to remove branches.
  • Health issues: Trees have individual needs depending on their location and species. An assessment takes into consideration all aspects of the tree, looking for indications of diseases such as decaying bark or sap leakage. A report can recommend changes in fertiliser and pruning to help promote the general well-being of your trees.
  • Safety concerns: Certain species may look beautiful but cause a host of issues. Invasive roots can displace foundations, and huge canopies can interfere with power lines or cause house damage. Catching these things early is vital for damage prevention.

Related Services We Provide to TRAQ Tree Risk Assessment

Once you’ve received a report, we can help you with these next steps.

  • Pest and disease identification: Knowledge is half the battle. By determining the origin of the problem in your tree, you can find the best ways to heal it. With 35-plus years of experience, you can trust our identification and move forward with the appropriate steps.
  • Root mapping: Before building on a location inhabited by trees, it is crucial to complete root mapping. This process will help developers to decide where to build their foundations to avoid invasive root growth. With a little planning now, you can avoid foundation issues in the future.
  • Arborist site services: As a Level 5 arborist service, we have refined our craft to the highest degree. We have experience supervising government, council, and private projects. With our consultation and supervision, you can feel completely confident in your trimming and tree removal tasks.

Why Choosing Complete Arborcare Is Cost-Effective

Since 1983, the team at Complete Arborcare has been growing and refining our craft. Over the years, we have evolved our services to fit the community’s needs. Each of our arborists has passed the TRAQ risk assessment qualification, so you can place your trust in their reports.

Invest in the best, and you’ll get everything that you need for your property in one place. Contact us to schedule your arborist care visit today.