Site Monitoring & Assessments

Monitoring the complex balance of trees

Site monitoring and assessments may need to be undertaken to ensure the health and maintenance of trees on a regular basis, or during major construction and urban building activities.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring is required when construction or sensitive excavation activities are taking place around trees. In some circumstances it may be legally required or aesthetically necessary to ensure the survival of trees and other plants.

  • Supervision of construction

Tree health and growth is strongly affected by its underground conditions and any disturbance.  In circumstances when mandatory supervision of construction and disruptive activities is required, our AQF Level 5 Arborist consultants are available to fulfil this role.  They have extensive experience in monitoring trees during works and are available 24/7.

  • Tree Assessments

Routine tree assessments of public trees across a municipality may be required to ensure the health and sustainability of local council tree assets.

Residential and commercial developers may require tree assessments to understand the health and stability of trees on their property.

Tree assessments can include on-site evaluations to ensure the trees survival and further recommendation.  These assessments take into consideration the trees current health, their growth habit, stability, structure as well as its environment and clearance requirements from infrastructure such as powerlines, buildings and roads.

Our qualified and trained arborists undertake ground based visual inspection of the tree/trees and use diagnostic testing to provide you with expert advice or a comprehensive management report outlining your options.

Why choose Complete Arbor Care?

For over 30 years, Complete Arbor Car have been providing in-field tree expertise across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle regions for residents, developers and commercial entities, council, and other government agencies.

Our independent consultants are qualified AQF Level 5 Arborists, and are expert in the practical application of arboriculture, undertaking yearly professional development to maintain their professional accreditations.

All our recommendations for tree assessments and site monitoring is made in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4970/2009 Protection of trees in development sites and AS 4373/2007 Pruning of amenity trees.

  • Australian Qualified Framework Level 5 Arborist
  • Australian Standards AS 4970:2009 Protection of trees on development sites
  • Australian Standards AS 4373:2007 Pruning of amenity trees
  • Yearly professional development to maintain AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification
  • Fully Insured

Projects conducted for tree site monitoring and assessments:

  • Northern Beaches B-Line
  • West Connex
  • North Connex
  • Metricon
  • Northern Beaches Council

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Enquire about Site Monitoring & Assessments
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