Root Mapping

Safe, ground-breaking root mapping.

Root mapping investigates the presence of sub surface tree roots in a specified location.

Mapping of tree roots enables home owners, commercial and property developers as well as local councils to understand where tree roots are located in relation to development or proposed development.  This focussed inspection of the roots system gives clear measurements as to where development can be undertaken and property owners are able to maximise the available development space.

Root mapping technology

Complete Arbor Care are one of a few consulting arborists who use the airspade pheumatic soil excavation tool.  Tree roots are not damaged as the technology uses compressed air directed at soil to only expose the voids between the trees roots.  This is a fast and focused way to undertake root inspection to provide an excellent visual inspection of the trees root, their extent on the property, their effectiveness, and the health of the tree.

Any underground cables or pipes and tree roots remain undamaged through this process as the compressed air expands and fractures the soil only.  Conventional digging in root mapping is slow and can cause damage.

Complete Arbor Care and root mapping assessments

Our root mapping consultancy services are conducted by fully trained, experienced AQF Level 5 Arborists who are also experienced in the excavation of soil and its reinstatement.

Complete Arbor Care have worked across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle conducting comprehensive tree root mapping assessments.

Root mapping assessments and reports can be used on residential properties, for property developers, and commercial construction enterprises, as well as local councils and government agencies.   The data collected and analysed charts a trees significance and value to the site and the impact of development.

  • Australian Qualified Framework Level 5 Arborist
  • TRAQ qualification
  • Australian Standards AS 4970:2009 Protection of trees on development sites
  • Australian Standards AS 4373:2007 Pruning of amenity trees
  • Yearly professional development to maintain AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification
  • Fully Insured

Enquire about Root Mapping

Enquire about Root Mapping

Projects conducted for root mapping

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