Risk Assessments

Tree risk assessments – quality care for trees

Trees play an important part in our environment, but under certain circumstances trees can fall or their limbs can break causing damage to humans, property and infrastructure.  Being aware of the potential risk of a tree and addressing these risks can make it safer for everyone and extend the life of the tree.

Tree Risk Assessments

Risk assessments measure of the risk of a tree – the trees’ potential for failures AND the consequences of these failures.   The assessment evaluates the seriousness of any risk.

As part of our tree risk assessment, data is collected about -

  • The tree – its shape, health, if any limbs or branches have broken or dead, what is the health of the leaves and roots, presence of cracks, splits or cavities in the trunk. Has the tree been heavily pruned, is it lopsided, size of canopy, presence of fungus on trunk of tree.
  • The area surrounding the tree – have any adjacent trees died, or close wooded areas been developed, has there been a change in the construction or development near the tree, have the roots been injured by development.

Managing a trees risk

Once a tree has been identified as to its level of risk, the risk can be managed by taking steps to reduce the likelihood of the tree causing harm to human or property.

Our arborists expertise in tree risk assessments, can recommend a regular care plan to manage the tree on the property.  A regular tree maintenance care plan can minimise and assess problems quickly, devise a plan of steps to reduce the likelihood of the tree causing damage before it becomes unmanageable.

Our superior analytical skills and expertise in tree management can devise treatments such as removing limbs, moving possible targets (seating, car spaces, landscaping) from falling limbs, cable and brace the tree, regular feeding and care for the tree or completely removing the tree are options, depending on each circumstance.

The value of tree risk assessments

Trees in general, are predictable and their risk can be accurately evaluated under normal weather patterns.  A tree risk assessment gives a baseline of the condition of your tree stock enabling you to plan and budget the management of your trees.

Qualified and experienced tree risk assessments

You have peace of mind with our tree risk assessments, meeting compliance guidelines.  At Complete Arbor Care, only AQF Level 5 Arborists will conduct your assessment, using the TRAQ system to monitor each trees’ potential for risk – this is a mandatory requirement for all tree risk assessments.  TRAQ is the industry recognised Tree Risk Assessment Methodology and TRAQ assessment sheets must be completed during inspection and attached to each report.

  • Australian Qualified Framework Level 5 Arborist
  • TRAQ qualified
  • Australian Standards AS 4970:2009 Protection of trees on development sites
  • Australian Standards AS 4373:2007 Pruning of amenity trees
  • Yearly professional development to maintain AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification
  • Fully Insured

Projects for tree risk assessments:

  • Northern Beaches B-Line
  • West Connex
  • North Connex
  • Metricon
  • Northern Beaches Council

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Enquire about Risk Assessments
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