Impact Assessment Reports & Preliminary Reports

Complying impact assessment reports

Impact assessment reports outline all activities and site considerations during development that may impact the trees within the boundary of the site.

When developing, building or renovating, tree impact assessment reports are needed as part of the DA application, listed under AS 4970/2009 Protection of trees on development sites.

Tree impact assessment reporting

Our aim is to provide you with fast, complete and compliant arboricultural impact assessment reports.  These thorough reports document all site conditions and activities that may impact the trees are outlined to ensure your project is not delayed or at risk.

Tree impact assessments requirement vary between councils.  However, our arborist consultants ensure each report includes a plan to scale of the site showing the trees, buildings and structures and adjacent trees relevant to the assessment, our methods and techniques used in our inspections, a table listing each trees species, height, trunk diameter, and canopy, health and life expectancy of each tree.

Reports also ensure supporting documentation such as photos or test results are included, any replacement plantings, landscaping and soil remediation and the reasonings for our findings.  Every report is complete, no section is open to interpretation.

Commercial and council

For commercial developments, Complete Arbor Care work with surveyors, architects and developers, as well as local councils that require reports prior to development.

Our independent impact assessment allows the site to be developed as intended at the same time as reducing the impacts to the trees.

About Complete Arbor Care

Our consultants are registered Australian Qualification Framework Level 5 (AQF5) Arborists.  Most councils now stipulate your tree impact assessments and other tree reports must be completed by arborists with these qualifications.

Complete Arbor Care have experience across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle regions, assessing and reporting for private, commercial, property developers and councils in completing compliant and comprehensive tree impact assessment reports.

We have a thorough understanding of Local Council and State legislation.  This ensures your independent tree impact assessment and preliminary reports meet all necessary regulatory requirements to reduce delays.

  • Australian Qualified Framework Level 5 Arborist
  • Australian Standards AS 4970:2009 Protection of trees on development sites
  • Australian Standards AS 4373:2007 Pruning of amenity trees
  • Yearly professional development to maintain AQF Level 5 Arborist qualification
  • Fully Insured

Tree impact assessment reports:

  • Residents across Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle regions
  • Northern Beaches B-Line
  • West Connex
  • North Connex
  • Metricon
  • Northern Beaches Council

Enquire about Impact Assessment Reports & Preliminary Reports

Enquire about Impact Assessment Reports & Preliminary Reports
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